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Jaguars Offseason Needs

Matt Stamey/Associated Press

Jaguars Offseason Needs NFL 2022: Free Agency And Draft Preview

Jaguars Offseason Needs
Matt Stamey/Associated Press

Jaguars Offseason Needs NFL 2022: Free Agency And Draft Preview

The Jaguars got their splashy, generational 1st-round pick last year, Trevor Lawrence. But, uh, his first year has been eventful with the entire Urban Meyer saga and whatnot. The Jaguars Offseason needs is a long shopping list. They need a lot of help to help their new QB and to really turn this franchise around. That includes getting a decent line around Trevor Lawrence to protect your new QB and then putting a decent defense on the field to help win games in a shaky AFC South. There is one thing they could do to really help with all this: Nailing the head-coaching hire. 

To start out this Jaguars offseason needs post, I’m not sure I, or anyone else for that matter, trusts Shad Khan for another HC hire, but he has to nail this hire if he really wants to get this puppy going in the right direction. For me, with a shiny new QB with long-flowing hair under center, they have to go with a splashy offensive-minded Head Coach. Someone that is hip, with the times, and can make this Jaguars team fun to watch and attract free agents. Candidates that come to mind are Kellen Moore (I doubt Dallas lets him leave, they would fire McCarthy and give him the job before they let him walk), Josh McDaniels (I know the history, but he is capable), Brian Daboll, Eric Bieneimy, and Byron Leftwich. These are all guys that would be splashy and at least make the offense look dynamic. This will help attract free agents to Jacksonville. So far, the Jaguars have requested interviews for the head coach position for these coaches: DC Todd Bowles, Jim Caldwell, DC Matt Eberflus, OC Nathaniel Hackett OC Byron Leftwich, OC Kellen Moore, Doug Pederson, DC Dan Quinn, Bill O’Brien.

Jaguars Free Agency

After that, for the Jaguars offseason needs, the Jaguars should be looking at defense in free agency. The Jaguars have the 3rd most cap space in the NFL with over $70 million. They should nab a TE there as there is quite a selection in that position for free agency. They might want to look in the draft for offensive lineman and linebackers as there is not a lot of them that will move the needle in free agency. However, they do have tons of money to throw money at any offensive lineman that they want to protect their young QB. They should focus on bolstering their defensive line and their secondary for free agency. They might be losing 4 DL (3 DE and 1 DT) They have the money to throw to get a deep secondary group if they can attract them to Jacksonville. They do have money to grab premier OL despite it being a scarce market in free agency.

Jaguars Draft

In the draft, the Jaguars have the 1st overall pick. The Jaguars are picking the best DE in the draft: Kayvon Thibodeaux. Considered the best player in the draft, Thibodeaux will help the Jaguars’ defense immediately. I understand wanting to help a young QB with one of the best tackles in the draft. But, in the top 5, you always take the best talent available.  With an early 2nd round pick, I don’t hate the idea of getting that tackle to help fix that problem on the OL. Unfortunately, I think 4 OTs can go in the 1st round. If Trevor Penning is still available, since he’s probably the odd man out of the OT group, that would be a solid pick to help the offensive line immediately. I could also see a DT early in the 2nd for the Jaguars. They could look at Devonte Wyatt, Phidarian Mathis, and Perrion Winfrey here. While they might not be worth this value of a pick, I’m not sure these guys make it to the 3rd round, especially with the lack of depth at this position in this class.

In the 3rd, the Jaguars have two selections, at 65 and in the early 70s. I would love an LB here. If either Darrian Beavers, Brandon Smith, or Henry To’o To’o drops this far, that has to be the pick. Although, there are others at the LB position that would be good value here in the 3rd. If the Jaguars don’t find luck in free agency for finding a TE, getting Jalen Wydermyer, Trey McBride, or Isaiah Likely in the 3rd would be good value with their 2nd 3rd round pick. I would love for the Jaguars to take advantage of a deeper WR class and grab a WR here if they don’t grab a TE. There should be some viable talent at WR in the 3rd to help Trevor Lawrence especially if they lose DJ Chark. I doubt David Bell, and George Pickens drop this far, but one can hope. Calvin Austin III and Justyn Ross might be more realistic options for them. 

The Jaguars’ offseason needs can be filled and it can be really good. Or if they don’t fill their needs, it can be very bad. They have to do a lot of right things to get the bad taste of Urban Meyer out of their mouth. That includes getting the right head coach right off the back. After that, focusing more on defense in free agency and getting some solid rookies at tackle would be beneficial for the Jaguars. They still have about 2 years of doing a lot of right things in the offseason before they can contend in the AFC South. But nailing this offseason would accelerate the process quite a bit. They need functionality and stability. Urban Meyer brought the literal antonym of that. However, Trevor Lawrence is talented, and getting talent around him and on the other side of the ball is the plan of action for the Jaguars. They have to be patient, but a lot can happen for the Jaguars to take a big step forward with $70+ in cap space and hitting on their draft picks. They can contend in the AFC South soon, but they have to do a lot of good things right now.


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