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Jacob Trouba Claps Back At Spittin Chiclets Personality

Jacob Trouba
(Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

Jacob Trouba Claps Back At Pasha From Spittin Chiclets

Jacob Trouba broke his silence online after a disappointing playoff performance. Many pointed out the struggling New York Rangers captain and how he handcuffed his team. It is worth noting that he broke his ankle in March but did claim that it healed before the start of the playoffs. Hate it or love it, that’s the mentality of playoff hockey. Even when you’re not 100%, you wanna be out there for your team and win.

One of the notable detractors of Trouba’s game is Spittin Chiclets producer and notorious Devils fan Pasha Eshghi. Despite bringing the conversation into off-ice topics, Pasha highlighted his repeated attempts for aggressive plays that could put opponents in harm’s way. The Florida Panthers were able to exploit this and ultimately make the Blueshirts pay. You can see the original video and Trouba’s response below:

This is a complicated issue. I can understand the message he is trying to convey but the delivery is really fishy. He is making it sound like if people criticize the way he plays, then he will almost deliberately have a mental health crisis. Look, he is far from a perfect player. Right now I would assume the team would like to get rid of him if they could. In hindsight, he probably should have sat out for longer and let someone healthier come in and play like Zach Jones.

Regardless of all this, if I were Trouba I’d definitely handle this a lot differently. The most sensible route is to just clap back at Pasha without bringing mental health into it and making himself seem like the victim. It’s an incredibly important topic and not one to be taken lightly. You must remember, he is paid $8 million every year. He’s in a position of extreme privilege and criticism is a guarantee in sports. No matter how good or bad you play, the fans and media are always watching and will ultimately provide feedback.

Where Is The Line

On this topic, I see no issue in professional athletes defending themselves online. It’s well within their right and you see guys like Kevin Durant do it all the time. If anything, it gives us a better look into their perspective and side of things. However, I think some nuance is also required. Using the death of Grayson Murray as ammunition to defend yourself comes off as tone-deaf. This might sound crazy but I feel like it is getting harder and harder to defend this guy if you’re a Rangers fan. Yes, Pasha was wrong to bring his wife into this conversation. Family matters and getting the facts right are incredibly important. But if Trouba took another 15 minutes thinking about a response before posting this I believe he could have done much better.

Jacob Trouba finally made a response for the controversial video from Pasha Eshghi on Spittin Chiclets. However, it leaves many with more questions than answers due to the nature of his reply.


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