Jack Eichel
(Jeffrey T. Barnes/AP)

Jack Eichel Is (Not So Secretly) Upset In Buffalo, But Where Will He Go?

Jack Eichel is clearly done with the Buffalo Sabres. Earlier this week, Vendetta’s own Emma Brown covered Eichel’s quotes detailing his dissatisfaction with the organization. While the team’s management will inevitably attempt to mend the situation with their star center, the best solution still appears to be a trade centered around moving Eichel elsewhere. With a potential Eichel trade already in the works, here are three teams that could make a move for the American phenom.

New York Rangers

The Rangers are in a prime position to land Eichel at the moment, possessing ample cap space, a collection of young talent, and some spare draft picks. The recently-appointed GM and President Chris Drury will have to consider a trade, and if the Rangers choose to pull the trigger, they could create a scary duo of Eichel and Artemi Panarin while bringing a real #1 Center to Broadway for the first time since Mark Messier’s arrival.

Los Angeles Kings

This would not be the first time the Kings make a blockbuster trade for one of the league’s best centers in the midst of a rebuild. The circumstances surrounding the Wayne Gretzky trade in 1988 were different than Eichel’s current situation, but it is certainly possible that Eichel ends up in LA, as the Kings have been collecting assets for some time and could field a competitive offer once the offseason rolls around. However, an Eichel trade to the Kings would add a third large contract, on top of Anze Kopitar and Drew Doughty’s massive deals, to the team’s payroll, so some hesitancy from the Kings’ front office would be unsurprising.

Boston Bruins

While Boston is the least likely destination of the three, there are some important links to consider. Eichel is a product of the local area, hailing out of North Chelmsford, Mass. and his rise to NHL prominence took place at Boston University. Besides Eichel’s connections to the area, the Bruins could be in need of a center in the not-so-distant future. Captain Patrice Bergeron has been incredibly reliable for the better part of two decades, but at 35 years old, his years in the league are dwindling. An Eichel trade that sent him to his hometown team would be a copacetic story, but it may not be realistically possible. The Bruins cap situation, combined with their lack of strong assets and Buffalo’s reluctance to ship Eichel to a division rival, makes a hometown reunion for Eichel unlikely.

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