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What is the Ichiran Experience?

Ichiran Experience
Photo Creds: Alex Staniloff

What is the Ichiran Experience?

Ichiran is a Michelin-star Japanese ramen shop that does not disappoint! Not only is the ramen rich with umami flavor, but the service amplifies the experience to the next level. The purpose of the experience is to be as introverted as possible.

They tweak every aspect of the standard restaurant service to make it so your interactions with others are as minimal as they can get. It’s the perfect spot for dining alone on a quiet night. The Ichiran experience is unique and memorable.

NYC has two Ichiran locations that draw large crowds. Having recently blown up on platforms like Tik Tok and Instagram, the restaurant has long lines outside each location with hungry people excited to warm their bellies.

The wait is fairly easy unless you’re in the cold and can’t gauge whether your frosted fingers will even be able to hold the spoon. Once you’re in, a staff member greets you warmly with a pen and sheet to place your order on. They then guide you to your seat with a number and the tranquility begins.

Time to Eat

You sit on a stool with two dividers on either side of you. This keeps you out of sight of everyone and allows you to truly dine alone. In front of you is a curtain that servers stand behind. All you need to do is check off your order on the sheet, press a button and your food will be in front of you in no time.

The sheet offers you full customization of your bowl, to change things such as spice level, oil level, toppings and more. Behind you is a cold water station for quick refills. 

The ramen at Ichiran is one of the richest and most savory broths I’ve tried. The noodles are perfectly thin and chewy and capture a flawless pocket of broth in each bite. The pork on top is crispy and tender. The meal is filling, relatively cheap and absolutely delicious. Once you finish, you take your number and pay outside the dining room; $30 for a mouthwatering bowl of ramen and a rewarding experience.


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