LeBron James
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LeBron James Responds

In case you missed it, in a recent interview, Zlatan Ibrahimovic had some strong comments about LeBron James in regards to his involvement in politics. In an interview after a Lakers practice on Thursday, the Los Angeles Laker star had this to say:

Full quote from The Guardian

“Because I was a part of my community at one point and saw the things that were going on, and I know what’s still going on because I have a group of 300-plus kids at my school that are going through the same thing and they need a voice. “I’m their voice and I use my platform to continue to shed light on everything that might be going on, not only in my community but in this country and around the world.”

James also brought up comments made by Zlatan Ibrahimovic from a 2018 interview when he claimed “undercover racism” had caused the media to treat him differently than other stars around the world.

“He’s the guy who said in Sweden, he was talking about the same things, because his last name wasn’t a [traditional Swedish] last name, he felt like there was some racism going on,” James said. “I speak from a very educated mind. I’m kind of the wrong guy to go at, because I do my homework.”

Both athletes have always been opinionated and outspoken in all matters, but I never thought we would see them beef with one another. I am curious to see how quickly we get a response from the AC Milan star. This will be an ongoing saga that we will have to keep our eye on in the coming days and weeks ahead. Stay tuned to the site for a response from Ibrahimovic or LeBron James.