Hasbulla Magamedov
I Should Be FIghting Hasbulla Magamedov. (@Hasbulla/Twitter + a special edit by me)

This is the world we live in people. I, an almost 30 year old out of shape washed up former D3 wrestler, have no business in the ring. But, as I said, this is the world we live now. That’s why I need to fight Hasbulla Magamedov.

Jake Paul had no business in the ring with Floyd Mayweather, but millions were made off a fight that should have never happened. So guess what. Should I fight Hasbulla? No. Will I fight Hasbulla (should the opportunity present itself)? You’re got damn right I will. These hands are rated E for everyone.

Unfair Advantage

A lot of you might be thinking:

“Well that’s kind of fucked up. Dude wants to fight a little kid.”

However, Hasbulla is no child. Dude is 18. Totally old enough to make his own life choices and get his ass beat.

Even if he was a kid, that still wouldn’t be a problem for me. Generally, as a rule, I don’t hit kids but, that rule is amendable if that kid is a dick (or you pay me a shit ton of money).

Even still I recognize the need for a handicap. I’m 5’10 (on a good day) 240 lbs. At best he’s the size of your average 6 year old.

I propose the following terms. To even out the fight a little bit I would have to remain on my knees at all times and have my left hand (I’m left handed) tied behind my back.

It Do What It Do

In a world of clout chasing I’m just a squirrel trying to find a nut. Ain’t got no shame ’bout it. That’s why I need to fight Hasbulla and he needs to fight me. Lets run this shit. I WANT MY FADE!

Get in my mentions on Twitter if you know who I should fight after Hasbulla (or if you want to tell me about how much of an asshole I am, but trust me I know).

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