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Hockey Guy Trey
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Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: S2, FINALS, Day 8,9

Hockey Guy Trey is up big. The Irish are in full retreat mode while the red crayon is for all to see. Can you taste it too?

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: S2, FINALS, Day 8,9

I can taste it. Oh, it’s going to taste SOOO GOOD. Hockey Guy Trey is in prime position to win the finals with three total days to go. Well, three days to go until we’re back to back champs. Has a better ring to it doesn’t it?

Hockey Guy Trey
The red crayon is out and Gavin is going to taste it. Icing Daubert is on the verge of another championship. (Maksim/Vendetta Sports Media)

Day 8

Day 8 wasn’t super eventful. It was a one vs one goalie matchup. My fantasy football draft was also that day so I’m kinda glad I didn’t have to record anything. Gavin made up some points because Kevin Lankinen outscored Felix Sandstrom by 7.5 points. Certainly a dent. Credit to Gavin for putting respect on Kevin Lankinen. At least he’s finally listening to me after all this time?

To be clear, I meant fantasy. Lankinen stinks as a real life goalie.

Day 9

Let’s just get this out of the way now. The Golden Knights season is most likely over and they don’t deserve to be in after missing 800 consecutive shootout attempts the last two nights. Logan Thompson did his part. Jack Eichel got an assist. Nothing from the rest of the VGK guys.

David Pastrnak also deserves a shoutout. No goals but two sexy primary assists that were six seconds a part. Was fantastic to watch in real life. Two great passes.

A LOT of goals in this one. EEEEEEEvander Kane stays hot with another goal and assist. Connor McDavid had a four point night including a goal. I finally got to scream Sebastian Aho which is always fun. Steven Stamkos is basically a god at this point. Four point night for him including two goals.

How could I forget about that Jack Campbell shutout against Detroit!?!?!

The red crayon is out baby. It’s almost party time. We’re up 82 and the score seems to get uglier by the day. Just remember this was about respect. My thoughts and feelings are valid because god damn I am smart. Until everybody else realizes it, there will be continued pain for everyone else.


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