Hockey Guy Trey
ESPN is the absolute worst. Just a reminder we would have won this thing already if it weren’t for ESPN.

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: Finals, Day 7


Does anybody do Week 17 for fantasy football? Think of that except 1,000 times worse. That’s what ESPN fantasy hockey is doing. Every week the game results have gone from Monday to Sunday. This week? Oh, It’s Monday to the next Thursday to end the season. Garbage. Waste of time.

We have a 19 point lead heading into Monday. Yes, the blog is late. I’m trying to catch you up before the games tonight. Alex DeBrincat is not nice. Jason Robertson and Miro Heiskanen did nothing on Sunday. There were only two games on. That’s all there is to report.

Short and sweet. We have through Thursday to find out if I won this damn thing.