Anfernee Simons
Sean Meagher/Staff

Has Anfernee Simons finally arrived for the Portland Trail Blazers??

Anfernee Simons has been with the Portland Trail Blazers for three years now. He has been in and out of the rotation consistently. But, with CJ McCollum out for the Blazers. Simons is making a push for himself.

Simons has always had a lot of untapped potential, and its hard for him to showcase a lot of times because he’s stuck behind Damian Lillard and McCollum.

Even though, he hasn’t shown that potential for the Blazers until now. He has always been praised for how much he has.

While fans were begging for a backup Point Guard to help this team, the Blazers General Manager answered those questions by saying “We have a backup Point Guard, it’s Anfernee Simons.”

He said the above statement around the 8:45 mark.

Over the last 3 games for the Blazers, Simons has really put on a show as far as what he can do.

With Ant, its been all about him finding the confidence. And it seems like he might have found it.

In the past three games Simons has been averaging 27 minutes per game, while scoring 18.7 points, and shooting 53.8% from the field, and 56% from behind the arc. In this span, he has made 14 3 pointers.

Simons has been playing better in this span than Trent Jr. who emerged last season as a sharpshooter for the Blazers. But, this season maybe Simons will be emerging into the player everyone hoped and believed he would be.

Whether the Blazers end up trading him for a better player who can help them get into the playoffs; or whether they decide to keep Simons long-term.

If the Blazers did decide to trade him, they could package him for some really good players because of his potential.

Either way, its nice to see the young man performing well.

Last year, Blazer fans started a Simons to the dunk contest campaign. After the dunk he had against OKC, it might be time for him to actually be in the Dunk Contest.