Foster Moreau
Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Very few saw the emergence of Darren Waller for the Raiders in 2019. Trey Daubert, leader of the site, saw it coming and posted it in the 2019 Raiders training camp preview. Now, the Raiders have a solid TE in Darren Waller. They also have an excellent young running back in Josh Jacobs. The Raiders still have some questions on their offense, especially in their receiving core. Could Foster Moreau be an answer to one of those questions and be what Darren Waller was last year?

Only hardcore NFL fans and Raiders fans know who Foster Moreau is, though. Everyone knows who Darren Waller is. Do you know what is crazy, though? Foster Moreau had more receiving touchdowns than Darren Waller did last year! Darren Waller had three receiving TDs, while Foster Moreau had five touchdowns. Moreau only had 21 receptions and 174 yards, though. He is already a viable TD option in this offense, and now he could get more receptions and yards this year. Trey Daubert said he could be a guy that wins you a week in Fantasy in our “Who The Fuck Is That Guy” segment on YouTube.

With Waller’s emergence last season, it’s more likely that defenses will focus on Waller more now until other options emerge in the Raiders offense. With Darren Waller more covered, that could open the door for Foster Moreau. Sure, I could be just a homer rooting for my guys. Or, I could be right, and the Raiders could have a solid duo of receiving TEs like the Eagles’ Dallas Goedert and Zach Ertz. Maybe, not as good, but you understand. Watch out for Foster Moreau to be a sneaky option in this offense.