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Rhamondre Stevenson

(Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

Feed Me All Of The Rhamondre Stevenson Fantasy Football Stock

Rhamondre Stevenson
Feed me all of the Rhamondre Stevenson fantasy football stock. The Patriots running back is due for a big year. (Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports)

Feed Me All Of The Rhamondre Stevenson Fantasy Football Stock

Coming into the NFL, Rhamondre Stevenson just looked like another Le’Ron McClain. A big fullback that can be a big body running back in a pinch. This offseason, it appears Stevenson is much leaner and has really stood out in practice. I know it’s just practice but it’s giving me all of the James Conner flashbacks.

Feed me all of the Rhamondre Stevenson stock. I want it all. In terms of running backs in fantasy that are considered flier picks, the former Oklahoma product should be very high on your list.

A: Fantasy Pros has the Patriots running back ranked 36th overall in their rankings. That’s criminal. At that point in your draft, you can’t miss. Those moves make and break your team. If you’re not early, you’re late. Always consider how you think these players will be ranked the following year. That pattern will always lead you down the right path.

Who do you think will be ranked higher next year? Are you taking Melvin Gordon or Rhamondre Stevenson? I’ll give you a hint: One guy is 29. The other is 24 and a second year player. Why is the old guy ranked higher? Especially when Javonte Williams is totally in control of that backfield?

B: It’s already been reported that Stevenson is going to get a bulk of carries. We have probably seen the last of Damien Harris in New England. They want to turn the keys over to Stevenson. It’s a crowded backfield with the additions of Kevin Harris and Pierre Strong but that was a given. Stevenson won’t get all of the carries but he’s going to get the important ones as well as now being factored more into the passing game. He’s someone going to steal James White’s role and get the bulk of carries? What are we doing here?

C: Stevenson was damn good last year and will be better this year after shedding the rookie training wheels. In hindsight, I should have been higher on Stevenson but a lot had to go right here. It helps to have Belichick, there wasn’t a long track record of collegiate production unless you are including JUCO. Especially if he was going to stay at 245 and play fullback. Then again, I did draft him in fantasy so I was sort of in on the potential that he could be something more. I was in on Stevenson to a degree but should have ranked him higher.

As a rookie, Stevenson rushed for 606 yards on 4.6 yards per carry. Not sure it tells the entire story. As I wrote in my scouting notes, this dude is a LOAD. He was extremely hard to tackle last year.

Rhamondre Stevenson

D: We already have the formula here. It was called LeGarrette Blount. Remember that year Blount rushed for 18 touchdowns? That’s doable for Stevenson. This is a run first offense. Even if Mac Jones improves, the offense goes through the run game. Control the clock, be good situationally, and play defense. That’s the Belichick way.

The Patriots will be more committed to the run game than more than a handful of teams. All of the red zone carries are going his way. You’re telling me he can’t get a one yard rushing touchdown every game? Especially with a quarterback that isn’t going to be stealing them with his legs. It’s more than doable.

It’s also a good offensive line. Yes, losing Shaq Mason sucks but you can do way worse than this Pats line across the league.

I’m in on the Rhamondre Stevenson train. Feed me all of his fantasy stock. I have him in fantasy for $1 locked up long term. If you can also get your hands on him, I’d be active in doing so. It’s a breakout season waiting to happen.

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