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Calvin Ridley

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Falcons Trade WR Calvin Ridley To The Jaguars

Calvin Ridley
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The Falcons have traded suspended wide receiver Calvin Ridley to the Jaguars for two draft picks, Adam Schefter reports. The deal includes a 2023 5th-round pick and a conditional 2024 4th-round pick. Schefter also reports that the conditional 4th round pick can become a 2nd-round pick if Calvin Ridley is to reach certain incentives. Ridley is actively serving a suspension for violating the NFL’s policy on gambling.

The 27-year-old wide receiver was suspended earlier this year for gambling on games. The NFL suspended Ridley for the entirety of this season. When his suspension is up, he will have a new team to call his own. Ridley has had an interesting last few seasons. Last year, he stepped away from the game due to mental health issues. A few months later, news of his suspension broke shocking the NFL world.

Last year, the Falcons planned to trade Ridley to the Eagles but pulled out of the deal because they were aware he would be suspended. Now, Ridley will become the newest member of the Jaguars instead.

Ridley is a talented receiver who had three very productive seasons in Atlanta. In 2020, he had 1374 receiving yards and 9 touchdowns to go with it. That is not to mention the two seasons prior where he had 10 and 7 touchdowns respectively. Calvin Ridley is sure to make an impact on the Jaguars when he finally does return to the field.

The package that sent Ridley to Jacksonville is an interesting one to digest. In return for Ridley, the Falcons are receiving a 5th and a 4th-round draft pick. However, the 4th-round pick will become a 3rd-round pick if Ridley reaches certain incentives and will become a 2nd-round pick if the Jaguars eventually sign Ridley to an extension. Also, the 5th-round pick has the potential to change as well. Ridley is able to petition for reinstatement beginning in February of 2023. If Ridley were to be reinstated past a certain date, the 5th round pick will become a 6th rounder instead.

Obviously, this trade is not one that will benefit the Jaguars at the moment. However, it is not a bad move for either side. For the Falcons, Ridley’s future with the team has been questionable for the past year. For the Jaguars, the addition of Ridley only benefits Trevor Lawerence. Lawerence will now have another talented wide receiver to pair alongside Christian Kirk.

It felt almost inevitable that we would see the Falcons move on from Calvin Ridley at some point. Hopefully, for both Ridley and the Jaguars, he can come back from his suspension to truly benefit the team.

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