Kyle Shanahan is ready to become an NFL head coach (Brett Davis USA Today)

Kyle Shanahan is one of the hottest names in the head coaching carousel. His Falcons team is the best offense in the NFL. During the Falcons bye week, Shanahan is expected to interview for the Rams, 49ers, Jaguars, and Broncos head coaching jobs. Recently Shanahan expressed that he is confident that he is ready to lead a franchise now.

“Yeah, I definitely do,” he said via ESPN. “I think I have been. I think a lot of guys are. It’s about [being] given that opportunity and hoping it’s the right fit.

“It’s definitely not something that I have to do. I love it here and love the situation here. I love the team here. There’s no one better I could work for. My family loves living here. So, by no means is it something that has to get done. But that’s a goal of most people in our profession, and I’d be surprised if most people didn’t tell you they were ready.”

As I wrote earlier not all head coaching jobs are the same. Shanahan even pointed out that he would “Absolutely not” just take any head coaching job. He has his sights set on the Broncos job. That seems to be the most logical fit and the best chance to win. For a brief description of all the head coaching jobs click here.