Adnan Virk
Adnan Virk was fired from ESPN for sharing company information with the media (Melissa Rawlins/ESPN Images)

The house of horrors that is ESPN strikes again. Another prominent face of ESPN will now face the ax. Adnan Virk has been fired by ESPN for leaking company information to the media. Virk was the face of the ESPN’s college football show and also worked Baseball Tonight.

The New York Post was the first to report the news:

“ESPN rising star Adnan Virk has been fired by the network, sources told The Post.

Virk is accused of leaking confidential company information to the media on multiple occasions, according to sources.

When ESPN investigated the allegations, it felt that Virk failed to fully cooperate.

He recently signed a new multi-year contract”

I don’t have a strong opinion on Virk. I didn’t watch the ESPN college football show nor do I watch Baseball tonight. Here’s what I don’t understand. What company information was so valuable that couldn’t be shared? ESPN doesn’t come up with any new shows or any creative ideas so I really want to know what Virk was popped for sharing?

We all know what the issue is with ESPN’s college football show. Lee Corso is too old and needs to retire. Kirk Herbstreit does a great job babysitting him. That’s really the only newsworthy thing that’s going on with ESPN’s college football content. Outside of that, I honestly can’t think of what he could have been fired for sharing.

Virk, 40, grew up in Canada after emigrating from Pakistan. He was never really an unlikable guy. Just a normal news anchor that ESPN decided to fire. I will remain curious for the information because ESPN doesn’t do anything well. Virk apparently did something so bad that was escorted off the Bristol campus on Friday. Hopefully, the world figures out the details soon.