Eric DeCosta
Eric DeCosta laughs at the idea that players don’t want to play with Lamar Jackson. Does someone want to tell him the truth or do I have to? (Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports)

When people ask why I hate my own team, this is why. Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta is apparently all giggles despite the fact that Lamar Jackson clearly isn’t good enough to win a Super Bowl with. If we’re being honest, no wide receiver wants to play with him either.

DeCosta laughed at the notion that players don’t want to play with Lamar:

Let’s face it, we’ve had some of the best players in the history of the NFL play with us, and players want to play with them,” DeCosta said in his Monday press conference. “Players want to play with Lamar Jackson. I really do kind of laugh at the notion that players don’t want to come here and play with Lamar because he’s one of the very best young players in the NFL. And we’ve got a lot of other young players as well that fit that criteria.

“I think it’s a great place to play. I think people want to play here. I think it’s a team that’s positioned well in the future.”

Let’s face it, Eric, you’re a dope and a liar. Nobody wants to play with Lamar outside of a broken Dez Bryant who otherwise wouldn’t have a job. Marquise Brown is on record for hating Lamar.

John Brown left Baltimore because he wanted to play for a real quarterback in Josh Allen. Even head coach John Harbaugh admitted that wide receivers don’t want to play in Baltimore.

The entire thing is a scam. It’s always been smoke and mirrors. I’ve been alive for 28 years and the Ravens have been a joke at quarterback for every single one minus the years Joe Flacco actually cared before he got paid. Dear lord, bring me the strength I need when Baltimore gives Lamar Jackson $300 million.

Side Note: The Ravens were last in passing attempts and passing yards in 2020. It would be career suicide to sign with Baltimore if you’re a wide receiver.