Enes Kanter Robert Williams
Enes Kanter is hyping up Robert Williams and says timelord looks like he’s in great shape. Could Bob Williams be a game changer for Boston when the season resumes? (AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

The group of centers for the Celtics could make or break their title hopes this year. Enes Kanter and Robert Williams are a big part of Boston’s eventual success. With the NBA on hiatus for awhile, we have no idea which players will or won’t be in shape. Enes Kanter says Robert Williams looks unbelievable.

“He was actually downstairs working out. He looked amazing. He looked amazing to me,” Kanter said. “I feel like he didn’t even lose anything. Because we all just took off for, like, what, three months, and this guy just came back in the gym dunking anything. I’m like, how? Give me the secret.”

Williams, 22, hasn’t quite lived up to expectations since the Celtics picked him in the first round of the 2018 NBA Draft. The former dunking machine at Texas A&M has also been held back by injuries. Williams has shown flashes of becoming a factor. The fact that Kanter is hyping him up is the fuel I need.

To me, Williams has a chance to become a Clint Capela type of player. I actually think DeAndre Jordan sort of looked like this early in his career. Jordan was also a dunking machine at Texas A&M. Williams has been really efficient around the basket. He’s shooting over 67 percent from the field in 2019.

For Boston, getting a locked in Timelord could be a game changer. For 10-15 minutes a night, grab every possible rebound, block shots and go catch lobs. It’s not a bad option to have off the bench. We just don’t know which guy were getting when the NBA resumes. I guess that can be said about every player in the bubble the NBA is planning.