Carson Wentz
The Eagles made it clear that Carson Wentz is the quarterback of the future for Philadelphia (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

There has been a huge debate around the sports community revolving what the Eagles would do at quarterback. Would they stick with Nick Foles or go back to Carson Wentz next year? After Foles won a Super Bowl and carried Philly back to the playoffs this year, some fans legit wanted Foles long term. Sorry for those fans, Wentz is going to be the Eagles signal-caller moving forward.

According to Sports Radio 94 WIP in Philadelphia, the Eagles made it clear that Wentz is the guy:

“We have a lot of confidence in Carson and his ability to be our quarterback and to be, hopefully, a 19 game starter in the season for what we’re trying to do,” Roseman said.

Not a shock. It’s the right decision. The Foles thing reminds me a lot of Ryan Fitzpatrick. In short spurts, Fitzpatrick is awesome but the second you hand him that job for good, you’re screwed. Wentz is one of the top 5 quarterbacks you want moving forward for the next five years. Wentz threw 33 touchdowns and 7 interceptions a year ago for a reason. Wentz’s ceiling is far higher than Foles moving forward who is just 26 and heading into his fourth NFL season. Foles will turn 30 soon.

The Eagles are set up so well moving forward. They may actually fetch a high draft pick for Nick Foles considering the 2019 quarterback draft class is so weak. Philly also has the Ravens 2nd round pick because of that idiotic Lamar Jackson trade up. Buy all the Eagles stock you can. Add some guys in the secondary, a real running back, and get Wentz back and this team will compete for Super Bowls every single year.