Dustin Pedroia
Will Dustin Pedroia become the next manager of the Boston Red Sox? Alex Cora wouldn’t seem to mind passing the torch over in a few years. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Will Dustin Pedroia Become The Next Manager Of The Red Sox?

The Red Sox celebrated the career of Dustin Pedroia Friday night and capped it off with a 5-3 win over the Yankees. Boston waved the five-year waiting period and already put Pedey in the Red Sox Hall of Fame. Pedroia will be idolized in the city of Boston forever. However, what’s next for the Laser Show?

Could Pedroia become the manager of the Red Sox one day? Current manager Alex Cora isn’t ruling it out:

“I think it’s too soon to start talking about [Pedroia managing one day], because he is in a stage that obviously his career didn’t end up the way he wanted,” Cora said. “It was frustrating toward the end. And now he’s enjoying his life again, which is very important.

“He’s a part of the Red Sox organization. Obviously, his role I think would be probably bigger in the upcoming years whenever he wants to. If he wants to manage the Red Sox, hey, I don’t mind that in a few years. I really don’t. … If he wants to do it in a few years, I’ll be like a senior advisor. We’ll make a new job description. I can help him from afar, I still get paid more than him, but he can do it if he wants to.”

Pedroia, 37, will likely take some time to spend with his family before rejoining the game. During his playing career, the former second round pick out of Arizona State won three World Series titles, three All-Star selections, four Gold Gloves, a Rookie of the Year, and an MVP award. Pedroia would have no problem earning the respect of players in the clubhouse. He’s always been a vocal leader with the Sox.

Cora was obviously having fun with the question. Pedroia would likely take on a Jason Varitek type role with the club. Varitek has been crucial towards the Sox coaching staff this year. Pedey could likely do the same.

In terms of being the manager, Cora will likely have his job for however long he wants it. His impact on the team is undeniable at this point.