Maximum Football 2020 Update
(Maximum Football)

The team at Canuck Play is continuously working to improve their already great product. This is the latest Maximum Football 2020 update, joining many in the game’s first two weeks of being available for digital purchase and download. As announced on Canuck Play’s twitter account, the Xbox One update (version 4.0.90) and the PS4 update (version 1.09) details and notes listen below:

[Game Play] Fixed issue with on particular hand-off play not following through with the exchange.

[Game Play] Adjusted user dive tackles.

[Game Play] Fixed an issue that would reset the play clock after selecting a play.

[Game Play] Corrected an issue that would prevent the QB from leaving his stance behind center in the event of a penalty.

[Game Play] Rewrote offensive line blocking assignment logic. This should prevent linemen from trying to block a target on the opposite side of the ball.

[Game Play] Fixed issue that could prevent the quarter clock from stopping after an accepted penalty

[Game Play] Fixed an edge case scenario that could cause the game to lock up if you missed a Single PAT attempt using a Non-Canadian rule set

[Game Play] Slowed down the QB animation for Play Action

[Game Play] Adjusted CPU logic for when to call a time out while playing with College rules.

[Customize] Fixed memory leak that was causing a crash after several minutes of navigating between the team roster and the edit player screen.

[Dynasty Mode] Cancelling the reset of a dynasty, after you have landed on the dynasty settings screen, will take you back to the title screen rather than displaying an empty dynasty.

[Dynasty Mode] Editing your team’s roster in the off season will no longer display players that have graduated off your team.

[Dynasty Mode] Fixed issue that could prevent a Conference Championship game from registering results on the schedule.

[Rules Settings] It is no longer possible to adjust the rules options while the game’s confirmation dialog is being displayed

As is the case with most games, this is not expected to be the last Maximum Football 2020 update.

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