Jeff Van Gundy
(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Jeff Van Gundy always seems to be thrown into the hat of swirling names anytime there’s a vacancy. However, the question has always been, does Van Gundy want to coach again? This time things may be different. Van Gundy’s home is in Houston. And with Mike D’Antoni gone, the Rockets are in the market for a coach. Furthermore, it should be noted as a clue that Houston has not filled the coaching vacancy yet. Other teams such as the 76ers, the Knicks, and the Bulls have already got their coach.

Will Jeff Van Gundy Coach Again?

Houston knew for a while, at least, that they were going to have an opening. And that they would have the first crack at Van Gundy. Being Van Gundy is a Houston guy and being that he does indeed want to coach again.

All of us know Jeff Van Gundy. He’s a colleague. He really badly wants to get back into coaching,

Brian Windhorst of ESPN

ESPN Colleagues Think it’s Time

According to Windhorst, the time may be right for Van Gundy to come back to coaching. Van Gundy has won before with the Knicks and with the Rockets. With the Knicks, Van Gundy brought them to the playoffs six years in a row, including an NBA Finals appearance.

Anyone that can win with the Knicks deserves a coaching job anywhere as long as they want it. And with the Rockets, he made the playoffs three out of four years with the organization. The way Van Gundy left both situations was less than ideal. Van Gundy resigned as coach of the Knicks after six successful years. And he was fired from the Rockets after uncertainty that he wanted to keep coaching.

Nevertheless, Van Gundy loves color commentating on ESPN for NBA games, and fans love him on the call. Houston still doesn’t have a coach because they are waiting for certain someone to finish calling the NBA Finals. If this really is the time for him to get back into coaching, it could never be more perfect.