Did the Falcons lie about their attendance numbers? That appears to be the case #riseup (Dale Zanine/USA TODAY Sports)

The Atlanta Falcons are coming off a disappointing 7-9 season. It’s no secret that the Falcons have been on a slow downward spiral since offensive genius Kyle Shanahan left for the 49ers. The Falcons aren’t just struggling on the field, they are also lying off the field. The fans in Atlanta have started to lose interest in the Falcons but the team does not want you to believe that’s the case.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the Falcons essentially lied about their attendance numbers over the final two regular season games:

“For each of the Falcons’ final two home games of a disappointing 2018 season, the team announced attendance of more than 72,000 in Mercedes-Benz Stadium. But the actual attendance for those games was considerably less: an average of about 58,500.”

If the Falcons were lying about the final two games, isn’t it possible that they forged the numbers all season? Are the fans in Atlanta fair-weather fans? Do they only show up when the playoffs are on the horizon? I need answers. That’s a drastic discrepancy from the actual truth.

The Falcons ranked 9th in the NFL in attendance in 2018 but I would assume that’s not including this new information. Who knows what the real attendance numbers are. If the 58,500 average was posted over the entire season, Atlanta would rank 28th in the NFL ahead of Tampa, Cincinnati, and the LA Chargers.

The AJC is also reporting that the Mercedes Benz Stadium also lied about attendance for other sporting events. Maybe this explains why the food prices are so low inside the stadium. They are desperate for more customers.

What’s the biggest issue for the Falcons? A: Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays inside the stadium. B: Dan Quinn is a lame duck head coach and really isn’t any better than Gus Bradley. C: Matt Ryan is getting old and this window is closing. D: The Falcons are lying about their attendance. Please let me know.