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Devin Booker Masked For Game 3 Of Western Conference Finals

Devin Booker was in a head-on collision with Clippers guard Patrick Beverley with 3:22 left on the clock in the third quarter.

As Booker drilled the ball behind his back to cut right past Patrick Beverley, Beverley reached in, hitting his head against Booker’s nose. His body immediately dropped on the Suns’ court while he held onto his nose. Booker rolled over on his back to expose his bright, red bleeding nose. Beverly was called for a common foul remained to stand on his feet with blood on his white jersey as he walked to the locker room to be checked out. Booker needed assistance standing as he covered his nose with a towel. He walked to the locker room to get a few stitches on his nose. But claimed that his nose is indeed NOT BROKEN.

Booker returned to Game 2 at the beginning of the fourth quarter with bandages on his swollen nose. Fortunately, he wasn’t out for long and helped his team to win the close game by one point, 104-103. Phoenix head coach Monty Williams expressed his concern over Booker’s nose.

“He was probably playing with a great deal of pain. I thought he broke his nose when I saw it. I worried about the blood continuing to flow,” Williams said.


During the press conference, Devin Booker’s first question was about his swollen nose.

“It feels better now. If it was a loss, I think it would hurt a little bit more. But it’s good. I’m about to get some scans and probably get a mask ready,” Booker said.


Devin Booker is more than likely to wear a mask in Game 3 but will the curse of NBA masks improve Booker’s overall performance in this game along with the rest of the Western Conference Finals?

Richard Hamilton, Kyrie Irving, and LeBron James continued to wear the mask after they were cleared because of the drastic shift in their high-performance level. Will Booker feel the same shift wearing his mask on the court? Will the mask increase the Suns’ chances of winning the Western Conference Finals?

We will have to watch Game 3 on Thursday, June 24, and see if the mask will radiate the same intense energy into Booker’s overall performance.

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