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Denver Broncos 2018 Training Camp Preview

Denver Broncos
Can Bradley Chubb rack up double-digit sacks for the Denver Broncos as a rookie? (Ron Chenoy/USA TODAY Sports)

The Denver Broncos have a chance to be an absolute dumpster fire. Vance Joseph is a complete joke. Denver still doesn’t have a quarterback because Case Keenum will not have the same kind of season he did with the Vikings. This defense also isn’t nearly on the same level compared to their Super Bowl run because Wade Phillips is no longer in town. Is Denver truly a contender in the AFC West? Probably…NOT. What should we keep an eye on when as the Broncos open up the 2018 season?

3 Position Battles To Watch:

1. Running Back: Devontae Booker, Royce Freeman

I’m going to tell you this right now; if you’re a fantasy owner, don’t even waste your time drafting Devontae Booker. Royce Freeman is not only going to start but I can almost guarantee that he is going to get a bulk of the workload. Freeman is the all-time leading rusher in the history of the Pac 12. Freeman moves like a slot receiver despite the fact that he is 230. I mean that in a good way and also a bad way. Freeman is going to light it up. The real question will be how much this Denver offense/team holds him back from producing.

2. Tight End: Jake Butt, Tony Fumagalli, Jeff Heuerman

What can you say? Here’s another team that has no tight end. Fumagalli? Yeah, I’m not trusting him. Jake Butt? Maybe, but he also didn’t do anything in his rookie year coming off a torn ACL in college. It’s probably going to be a whole lot of ugly.

3. Middle Linebacker: Todd Davis, Josey Jewell

So the Broncos have Brandon Marshall who is a very good player but the other middle linebacker spot is a black hole and has been for quite some time. Todd Davis is slated to start but don’t overlook the rookie Josey Jewell. The pure athletic traits won’t wow you but this guy finds a way to the football with great instincts. He changed Iowa’s defense for the better a year ago and will be a tackling machine.

Ready To Breakout: Bradley Roby

Aqib Talib is gone and Bradley Roby is now going to be thrown into the fire. It’s not like Roby hasn’t played before primarily playing the slot the past two years but now will be playing a lot of man on the outside. Roby has graded out as the 25th best corner in the NFL this past season but I’m anticipating that people really start to give this guy credit with higher snap totals on the outside. Heading into year 3, don’t be shocked if the Broncos don’t really miss Talib all that much.

Rookie To Watch: Bradley Chubb

Von Miller hasn’t had a real sidekick since DeMarcus Ware retired. The last time Ware was on, Denver won a Super Bowl. Chubb comes to town and he might be the best rookie in the entire draft class. Chubb has it all as a skilled pass rusher as teams can no longer just doubled team, Miller. Does Denver have the best outside pass rush in the NFL? We’re going to find out just how Chubb impacts the game.

AFC West 2018 NFL Draft Grades: Raiders Gamble Big, Chiefs Lose

Fantasy Sleeper: Royce Freeman

Just do yourself a favor and draft him. Thank me later.


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