David Fletcher
David Fletcher is arguably the most underrated player in baseball. Fletcher thrives at making contact in a sport where it’s become a dying art. (AP Photo/Ray Carlin)

David Fletcher Is The Most Underrated Player In Baseball

Shohei Ohtani is the face of the Angels (and probably baseball… screw you Stephen A Smith) but there’s one player on the Angels that’s being completely overlooked. Infielder David Fletcher is a BEAST is about time the rest of the baseball world takes notice. Fletcher might have a case as the most underrated player in the sport.

Fletcher, 27, is slashing .315/.341/..396. No, the power numbers aren’t there (OPS+ 99) but in a sport where making contact is a dying art, Fletcher is thriving at it. The Angels’ second baseman ranks in the 98th percentile in K% and the 100th percentile in whiff%. It’s rare to find Fletcher ever looking silly. This guy’s bat-to-ball skills are as good as it gets.

Fletcher has been a spark plug for this offense. It’s not his fault the Angels can’t find a pitcher to save their lives. It’s a poorly run franchise that lucked into Ohtani. I don’t think people realize how important Fletcher is. You take this guy out of the lineup, I’m not sure they’re better than Texas. That’s saying something.

It’s so unfortunate this guy gets no love. How are you hitting .315 and get even sniff the All-Star Game? Joey Wendle made the All-Star team and David Fletcher can’t even get a look? C’mon now. I have no sympathy for Angel fans. I think they should trade Ohtani and Mike Trout because the foundation is horrendous. However, Fletcher is one guy that serves as a potential building block.

Narratives are a funny thing in baseball. Great players sneak under the radar all the time. Shohei Ohtani isn’t the only reason to watch the Angels. David Fletcher is that dude.

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