Derek Carr
(John Rieger/USA TODAY Sports)

David Carr became the first ever draft pick of the expansion Houston Texans when they selected him number one overall in 2002. David Carr never panned out a pro setting a single season record for number of times being sacked (76). While Carr struggled it may not have been 100% his fault based off the surrounding talent of a newly named expansion team. Nevertheless Carr explained why his younger brother Derek is simply better than he is.

He understands the game more than I did, so his confidence level is just off the charts,” David said on 95.7 The Game. “[His] leadership ability is kind of where I was never at early on in my career. He’s able to go out and get guys that are seven, eight years older than him to actually buy in to what he’s doing, and believe that he can play, and believe that he can go out and lead the team.”

Being sacked 76 times may have rattled David’s confidence as he progressed as a pro but he suggested his brother always showed more poise as a quarterback. Derek Carr’s rookie season certainly showed promise throwing for 21 touchdowns compared to 12 interceptions.

“He just has a natural ability to throw the ball, just effortlessly, and it’s not really difficult for him,” David said. “It literally is effortless for him to throw the football.”

The Raiders hope Derek Carr can continue to develop especially after selecting Alabama’s Amari Cooper in this year’s draft. Derek has shown a lot of promise early on even suggesting that he is better than Colin Kaepernick. If the Raiders will need Carr to continue to develop if they hope to return to the postseason for the first time since 2002.