Dave Portnoy
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Dave Portnoy Announces His Own Frozen Pizza – One Bite

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, has used pizza (in part) to become one of the most popular people on the internet. He started reviewing places and parlayed that into an app, and now into his own frozen pizza which will be in Walmarts starting in October.

Portnoy first announced the news on Twitter but received some backlash because he gave the pizza a perfect 10. A score he has only given one or two times in the past, one being to Totinos when they sponsored the Barstool Super Bowl house. So, he just used that as a chance to show off his girlfriend in some content.

Silvana Mojica, an Instagram model who graduated from Florida State, has been making her way into more and more content recently, and this was her first real video with her boyfriend. She gave the pizza a 9.8 as the “unbiased” person in the review. Portnoy followed up with a second review, and this time gave his pizza a 9.9.

It takes a big influencer to take an internet company into getting into a big box store like Walmart, and Portnoy has that. Obviously, time will tell if One Bite will be able to compete with the other name brand frozen pizzas, but going in stores all around the country will help grow the media brand.


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