Damian Powers
Damian Powers. The face of a man who intentionally invited two love interests in the same room on purpose like a moron. Guess what happens next. (Netflix)

Damian Powers Couldn’t Have Fumbled The Bag Worse

Love is Blind recently released some new episodes on Netflix. It’s three episodes in a mini-series called Love is Blind After the Alter. It’s been two years since the wedding day from the couples in the pods so it felt like a good time to check back in. If you haven’t seen it, check it out cause it’s laugh-out-loud funny and I don’t even like reality love shows. Nobody… and I mean nobody, came out a bigger loser than Damian Powers.

If you haven’t seen the show, stop what you’re doing and go watch. Then come back to this post when you’re done.

K. Back to business.

Damian Powers already screwed up the whole wedding thing. He backed out of marrying Giannina Gibelli (probably cause he clearly showed he was incapable of handling a Latina woman). That’s not the story here. Rushing into marriage and backing out is reality TV 101. Who cares. This story is about what happened during the mini-series episodes.

You can tell Damian is a bit of weirdo (but not in a good way). Since the show, he’s taken it to a new level. During one of the episodes, he’s out to lunch with this rocket, Francesca Farago. For the record is way out of his league. They’re chatting it up drinking wine and out of nowhere, Damian admits to having botox injected into his arm pits. That’s the guy we’re dealing with here. LOSER. LOSER. LOSER.

To end the mini-series, there’s a party to celebrate the reunion of all the cast members from the show. Damian has the bright idea to invite Francesca to the part when he knows Giannina is going to be there.

I’m not saying you can’t explore your options. Do your thing, guy. But this is 7th grade 101. Bud, you can’t put two love interests in the same room on purpose. Use your head. How stupid are you? Never mind… same guy that injected botox in his arm pits. Real rocks for brains kind of guy.

In the most predictable way possible, Francesca and Giannina have the most awkward conversation of all-time. Francesca leaves the part because the dude is a moron. Giannina gets pissed and rightfully so. Worst of all, Damian legit thinks he did the right thing.

Someone get this man a brain. Someone help this dude cross the street. I thought I’ve seen it all but man this has to go down as maybe the DUMBEST move in the history of mankind. Go watch the episodes and report back. It’s one thing to suck in the bedroom (Giannina’s words not mine). It’s another to have rocks for brains.

Damian Powers… no words, man. Find a brain and do better.

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