So here we have what appears to be a Verizon wireless store (based on the doormat) that you clearly don’t want to try and rob unless you are packing heat. The video shows a former wrestler subduing a would-be robbery attempt. Being a former wrestler, and D3 stallion, I am going to grade this kid’s moves.

The Wrestler

First things first, it really bugs me that the kid says, “look, I get him in a full nelson,” (0:16). Anyone that has ever wrestled knows the full nelson is illegal. It’s a potentially dangerous move and can break someone’s neck. That’s day one stuff. It’d be one thing if he did, in fact, put him in a full nelson, but it was a clean half. As someone that clearly has a wrestling background he should know better so that’s a deduction.

Second, the takedown was really sloppy. He gets good positioning behind his opponent, locks his hands, and tries to pull the opponent down. Proper technique would be to lock hands, hop out to the side, pop your hips, and lift. With a proper lift here he would score a pretty takedown against an unskilled opponent and earn some style points. As it is, I gotta deduct points.

Now he does earn major points for aggressiveness from the top position. Most wrestlers in this situation would probably be happy with the takedown and stalling out until the period ends (or in this case the cops show up). I like the fact that he got out to the side and actively looked for the fall. When the half didn’t work he went to the crab ride, snuck in a boot, and stretched out the opponent for his five count.

I give the kid serious style points for bringing his own ref to work. We see the ref enter the picture around 0:29. He’s not as active as I like my officials to be, but on a Verizon salary I doubt you can shell out for the Olympic level guys.

The ref enters the frame around 0:29 and stays for the duration of the match (screen grab from above video)

Last I’ll grade the intangibles. The kid brought a serious intimidation factor to the bout. Verizon Guy was so aggressive against Red Shirt, he had Blue Jacket making business decisions when he realized his friend was caught. He really wanted to go back and help his buddy but after a serious mean mugging by Verizon guy, Blue Jacket decided it was better to lose a friend than to get bodied with him. Score some points for Verizon Guy for the intangibles.

The Verdict

Let me say that Verizon needs to give this kid an reward. I can tell you without a doubt if someone tried the old grab and go at my job I’m not chasing them let alone looking to secure a fall like this kid.

Now he did a lot right and he did a lot wrong. Off the rip I’m willing to score this a low 7 out of 10. The more I think about the full nelson comment though, I just can’t bring my self to do it. That is an egregious mistake for a wrestler to make. That cost him a good point and a half. Overall 5.7 out of 10.

P.S. This kid needs to contact the makers of his shirt and get an endorsement deal. He wrestles a pretty solid match and the shirt doesn’t even untuck an eight of an inch.