Natalia Bryant

Over a year ago, We lost Kobe Bryant and Gianna to a helicopter crash. Which at times is till hard to acknowledge, that Kobe is actually gone. But recently his oldest daughter Natalia Bryant was accepted to the University of Oregon.

Natalia is a talented athlete, just like her father. But she does not play basketball. She is a volleyball player.

The University of Oregon was often endorsed by Kobe, and he was actually close with the best Women’s basketball player to come from Oregon, Sabrina Ionescu, now a member of the New York Liberty.

Kobe was a mentor to Sabrina, and he enjoyed watching and endorsing womens basketball. On the same day that her Ducks played, Sabrina gave a speech at Kobe Bryant’s celebration of life. Which can be found here:

Ever since the passing of Kobe Bryant, it seems that Ionescu has actually been around the family more. Natalia and Kobe’s other daughters have been seen in many Tik Tok videos.

Although, Kobe and Vanessa Bryant’s older daughter does not want to be a professional athlete like her dad. She wants to be a model and recently she was accepted to the University of Oregon.

Although Natalia, has signed with IMG Modeling, she still has two months until she makes her next academic decision.

“While Natalia’s decision as to where she’ll take her academic career next year remains up in the air, her mom has been sharing various acceptances to social media, and revealed that Natalia does have a top five list in mind.”

The above quote and a picture of the acceptance letter can be found here.

Is Sabrina’s Alma Mater in the 18-year-olds top five? Where will she land? Will Vanessa be able to keep her in California like she did her father?

Kobe Bryant had so much more to offer, and would be proud of his daughter.

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