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Cort Carpenter is an up and coming big-time Country Music Artist. He was Born in Longview-Kelso, Washington. Where he was a three-sport athlete including the starting quarterback of the Kelso Highlanders, who he took to state.

He made it to the college ranks in baseball, getting offers at Washington State, Oregon State, University of Portland, and more. He stayed in his hometown and went to the local community college, where he set the wood bat home run record for the NWAACC power house Lower Columbia College Red Devils in 2007.

How did he get into Country music?

“I have always loved music,” Carpenter said “I was in the orchestra from fourth grade until I graduated high school because I loved music. I didn’t start singing in front of a crowd though until I was about 21. My love for singing was always in me, but I had stage fright. I started singing locally at bars and entered some competitions, and then it just blew up from there. Once you start, it’s addicting, and you can’t stop. That’s what happened to me, and now I have made a career out of it, which I am grateful for.”

Nationally Noticed before Covid

Before Covid hit Cort Carpenter and his band was starting to get noticed nationally. His music was being played across the country.

“Covid hit and touring went to hell. Like many other artists, we had to get creative and offer some sort of music experience to our fans. Though the live streaming concepts are different from being at one in person, it’s at least something. We all know (and hope) that one day our live music experience will return,” he said.

“When? We don’t know. It’s an unknown. So, for now, we just make the best out of the situation we have been presented with and offer fans something easy and fun for them to tune into. While so many artists have resorted to online shows, it’s about the quality of those shows. We (Tyler Slawson and Carpenter) started out at the beginning of Covid by singing in my garage through a speaker and or in my living room, however, now we have a fantastic studio set up which brings superb sound for listeners. I am really enjoying the online streams now and look forward to them weekly,”

How has 2020 been for you?

2020 has not been the best of years for everyone, but for Carpenter and Slawson its been a positive one.

“This year has been very positive for me. Though touring has obviously stopped until further notice, I have been able to accomplish a lot of things I might not have been able to if I was out on the road. With the time at home, I have secured a new manager, found some great connections, recorded a new single (which comes out soon), have been writing, etc.. I have made the best out of the situation and believe good things have surely come out of this year for me personally. You never know when life will change, and this is one of those years where it did, and you just have to roll with the punches.”

Cort comes from a small town

There are not a lot of famous people who come from small cities these days. But Cort did.

“I think about this often. Everyone has a hometown and I see so many artists who have great hometown followings,” Carpenter said. “However, I believe mine is different. I have been lucky enough to grow up in a town that supports each other like none I have ever seen. Whether you work as a local business owner, teacher, mill worker, janitor, car salesman, insurance agent, radio station, or whatever you do for a living, in Cowlitz County it’s one big family that supports one another.”

“I have been around the country playing shows elsewhere, and I often sit back and think ‘This place is great, but it isn’t Cowlitz County’. Nothing beats the hometown love that community has given me throughout the years, starting when I was an athlete in high school. I truly couldn’t be more grateful to be from such an incredible community. I will forever be in debt to them”

As a college student from Cowlitz County, I can agree with Cort on that. Cowlitz County really is a great place to live.

Cort said that 2020 has been great for him, and he wants to give to his fans. Well, he has 67.8K follwers on Instagram, just north of five-thousand followers on twitter, and he has over 24K followers on Facebook.

The coolest thing about Cort Carpenter is he is a big sports fan, and he loves to connect with his fans. If your looking for some good modern day country music listen to Cort Carpenter.

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