Cordarrelle Patterson
This is officially the Cordarrelle Patterson respect tour. Respect this man, damnit. Patterson is finally showing his true potential. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Cordarrelle Patterson Deserves More Respect

It’s not you, it’s me. Every person that has been broken up with before has heard that line before. More times than not it’s a lie. In rare instances, maybe it’s actually true. Cordarrelle Patterson has been broken up with a lot. The Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, and Bears all parted ways feeling as if they should have gotten more. Turns out they should have. It was just on them.

Cordarrelle Patterson is quietly having the ultimate F U tour in the NFL right now. The former first round pick out of Tennessee was never a real wide receiver but always should have been a playmaker for someone in some capacity. After his rookie season in Minnesota, I remember trying like hell to trade for him in every fantasy league I was in. Turns out I was glad I didn’t as Patterson mostly faded into oblivion… until this year.

Minnesota never knew what to do with Patterson. The Raiders aren’t sure what to do with anybody. The Patriots finally started to figure out Patterson had some value as a running back but he only spent one year there. The Bears decided Patterson was only good for returning kicks. Arthur Smith and the Falcons finally decided we’re going to line this guy up everywhere and it’s paying serious dividends.

Patterson, 30, already has a career high 737 scrimmage yards and seven touchdowns. Patterson already has 73 rushing attempts and 38 receptions. He’s going to blow by any attempts numbers he had previously. Julio Jones was traded and Cavin Ridley is sitting out for personal reasons. Atlanta already has four wins which matches their 2020-21 season total. Without Patterson, I’m not sure they have any wins.

For a long time, Patterson was viewed as a bust. The Patriots were semi praised for trading out of the spot that was used by the Vikings to draft the former Volunteer wide out. Given the struggles New England has had finding playmakers, the Patriots would love to have this version of Patterson on their roster.

This is about respect damnit. I want more people talking about Cordarrelle Patterson. This is one of the feel good stories of the NFL season. Hey, and he’s quietly helping my site league team out in a big way.