Conor McGregor
Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Conor McGregor Is Done And Needs To Retire

First off, this is coming from a huge Conor McGregor fan. Conor McGregor is done and just needs to retire. He just doesn’t have that IT factor anymore. This comes after a loss to Dustin Poirier to a 2nd round TKO in UFC 257. Don’t get me wrong though, Conor didn’t fight poorly, he had plenty of good sequences. I fully thought he had won the first round and had many significant strikes. But then in the 2nd round, McGregor got dominated. After this loss, it’s evident that McGregor just needs to hang it up.

This has been a long time coming though. In fact, his last 3 fights now have not been impressive in the slightest. This loss to Poirier, Conor was feeling the effects of the numerous leg kicks Poirier landed. Then, Poirier landed a beautiful flurry of strikes to eventually finish McGregor. Before this fight, he had faced off against an old and washed Donald Cerrone in UFC 246. He’s now 37 years old. He won that fight in the first round but how impressive is that against that old of a fighter? Especially for a fighter of Conor McGregor’s status.

Before that, it was his loss against arguably the best fighter the UFC has seen in Khabib Nurmagomedov in UFC 229. That was over 2 years ago and that was already past his peak for me. Conor McGregor is now 32 and he did this weird thing where he was humble for this fight? I mean Conor is always humble after he loses. But before fights, he is constantly talking shit and getting into opponents’ heads. He didn’t do that this time and was completely respectful throughout. I like cocky Conor, it sells more, it gets people more hype for his fights, and it’s just plain ole fun.

Conor McGregor is past his prime and if he’s not going to talk mad shit before the fights to help sell them, he doesn’t need to be fighting anymore. Conor has left an imprint on the UFC and will forever be known as The Notorious. It’s okay for him to leave the sport now, everyone knows he will be a legend in this sport. Plus, it’s not like he’s not making money. He is an avid investor and has his own whiskey. McGregor should hang it up and save his dignity. He doesn’t have to be done in the entertainment department either. I feel like he could make a great in wrestling like WWE. But his time in the UFC should be done.