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College Football Fans Are Back And All Is Right In The World

Being from the New York City area, there are no competitive college football teams to root for, so I grew up without a real interest in NCAA football. But, the tradition and rituals associated with the sport run deep, and with that comes some awesome moments. So now that fans are back and packed in stadiums, I was reminded that college football fans are the best.

There were two videos of college football stadiums that really got me pumped up for football season. In Michigan, at the Big House. 110,000 people sang Mr. Brightside.

First of all, anytime a group of that many people doing one thing in unison is impressive, never mind an entire stadium remaining in the perfect singing pitch. Maybe it is the song that makes this video stand out, but I am a sucker for a good ole fashion sing-along.

Wisconson Football has arguably one of the best pre-game traditions of all time, Jump Around.

I mean look at that stadium, look at the energy in those fans. 651 days since the kids in Madison got to jump around in the stadium and for a second, all was right in the world. Before the song even began, you could hear the stadium getting set to explode, and explode it did.

The best part of all this was just the joy on people’s faces when that first note dropped. I mean, even the announcers and sideline reporters were dancing with the crowd, just awesome all around.


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