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Colin Cowherd Does What He Does Best: Contradict Himself

Colin Cowherd

(Herd Image)

Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd called Giannis the third best player in the Finals, but now he wants to call him the face of the NBA. I give my two cents. (Herd Image)

Colin Cowherd Does What He Does Best: Contradict Himself

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s another day, and Colin Cowherd is writing the content for me. I mean, I really don’t have to do much. I could post this picture and just call it a day if this article didn’t have to be at least 300 words.

That photo tells a story in of itself. As we can all very well see, this list has one glaring omission: Giannis Antetokounmpo. The two-time MVP capped off an incredible Finals run this year with one of the most impressive games I’ve ever witnessed when he dropped 50 points on the Suns and added on 14 rebounds and five blocks to boot. The Bucks’ talisman delivered Milwaukee’s first title in 50 years and was deservedly awarded the Bill Russell Finals MVP trophy after an incredible six games.

So, let’s take a moment and look back at Cowherd’s list from what appears to predate the conference semis. There are no Bucks logos. That is ridiculous. All 10 of these players are quality, star-level players, but to omit Giannis is, in my opinion, incredibly disrespectful.

Giannis doesn’t dazzle us as Steph and KD might, but he gets the job done. And he gets it done without asking for attention. He plays with a chip and is coming for your throat for 48 minutes, but when the dust settles, he very well may be the nicest mega-talent in the league. His Instagram live videos are hilarious and relatable, he is devoted to his family, and he seems like a joy to talk to. And call me crazy, but that sure as hell sounds like the kind of guy whose performance on the court would put him in a top 10 list, and off the court would make him the face of the league.

I’ll let you take one guess at the guy who has since done a 180 and decided that Giannis is the face of the league. Oh, did you say Colin Cowherd? Well, then you would be correct.

On his podcast today with Ric Bucher, Cowherd assured his listeners that the Greek Freak is now the face of the league, albeit that the sports media pundit was previously “reluctant” to call him that. I thought I’d quote a little piece here because as the pair discussed what makes Giannis such a good star and the current face of the NBA, the former said this:

“Well I mean, most American stars from politicians to talk show hosts to basketball players are brand obsessed. I mean, America is capitalism. The European mindset is more enjoy the journey, not the destination, and to your [Bucher] point, when I watch Giannis play, it’s sort of brand free. He’s just really great and his brand is whatever you want to make it, but he’s not jamming it down your throat.”

VIA The Volume/YouTube; The Colin Cowherd Podcast

Cowherd is right. Giannis is a down-to-earth, humble superstar that has no brand beyond his authenticity. It’s refreshing in a basketball world dominated by so much product placement. But that realization doesn’t excuse Cowherd from the constant doubting and disrespect he has shown the Greek Freak. The 57-year-old has a pension, much like a lot of others in the sports media world, to spew one thing that is popular today and to totally flip course the next. That discourse isn’t good, and it calls into question your platform.

All I’m saying is stick to your guns, or at least acknowledge what you said. You can change your opinion, and you can be wrong. That’s human nature and everyone’s right. It’s called growth. Full disclosure, I was wrong about the Euros in a lot of ways, but I owned it. But to say that Giannis is now the face of the league, without even mentioning that he didn’t make your top 10 best players list or that you had him third in your top 10 Finals players list, is ridiculous.

Call it how it is. Own that you changed your mind. Just stop with the constant contradictory messages.


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