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CM Punk potential AEW return idea proposed by Dave Meltzer

CM Punk

(Credit: All Elite Wrestling).

(Credit: All Elite Wrestling).

CM Punk potential AEW return idea proposed by Dave Meltzer

Fans believe that CM Punk will never return to AEW, but Dave Meltzer might have provided him with a window to return in this crazy scenario.

The Second City Saint made a massive debut in AEW back in 2021 during the first-ever episode of Rampage. However, the Honeymoon Phase went by quickly after the star became involved in many backstage controversies. Despite this, CM Punk drew in the most money on the AEW roster, which Dave Meltzer believes could be a big contributor to his return.

In the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (subscription required), Meltzer noted that he wouldn’t be shocked to see CM Punk return to AEW in the future. According to him, WWE also doesn’t need The Second City Saint at this stage, but his debut would ultimately hurt All Elite Wrestling.

If WWE doesn’t sign him, I wouldn’t at all rule out AEW giving him another shot as crazy as that may sound today, for those same reasons, although that would be very difficult,Meltzer said. “This is a unique situation, but historically when top talent has a fall out with a promotion, and they can still draw, at some point time does heal all wounds and every company has its period when business isn’t good and they would be looking for any shot in the arm.

It remains to be seen where CM Punk ends up next or if the controversial star will ever return to pro wrestling, period. Only time will tell, but so far, The Second City Saint has been ominously quiet on social media and has yet to comment on anything regarding his AEW release or the next step he’ll take.

Booker T believes AEW will face grave consequences for firing CM Punk

Many fans have been upset with Punk’s release from the promotion and the online consensus was largely divided, but both sides of the conversation seemed shocked. CM Punk notably dominated AEW’s merch sales with all of his products even outshining the promotion’s own merchandise.

During an episode of his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T explained how AEW losing their top merchandise seller will hurt them in the long run. Additionally, he detailed how aggressive CM Punk fans are, and how he has been attacked by them online in the past.

“I’m sure CM Punk being fired from AEW is going to affect them in some way just because they had always been trying to crash that [one] million ceiling [in viewership], and they did it a couple of times,” he said. “I think he said they even drew their biggest house on his back. I think it’s going to be a significant drop-off without CM Punk. How big? We’re gonna find out. Tony Khan backed himself into this situation, though. I don’t think Tony Khan has anybody to blame but himself.”

(H/T: WrestlingINC).

Only time will tell whether or not Booker T and Dave Meltzer’s assessments were incorrect or not. Either way, it seems like both parties–who are veterans of the industry–believe that AEW might just need CM Punk more than his fans or detractors believe. Then again, The Second City Saint might just have had enough of pro wrestling either way, and could just decide to focus on his family and other ventures instead.


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