Clyde Edwards-Helaire
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

That’s what the Chiefs think, at least. There were definitely some better RBs that were still on the board like JK Dobbins and D’Andre Swift. But one of the many surprises in the draft is who the first RB was: Clyde Edwards-Helaire. However, when you think about it, you cannot be that surprised. Andy Reid was a longtime former coach of the Eagles if you can remember. Who did Andy Reid coach for the entirety of his playing career? Brian Westbrook. Chiefs GM Brett Veach had this to say about the move via ProFootballTalk:

We’re extremely excited,” Veach said. “A few weeks ago when we were kind of putting the final touches on our board and looking at a group of players that we thought would be there, I remember talking to [Reid] reminding him how much [Clyde Edwards-Helaire] reminds me of Brian Westbrook.

“Coach called back and after a few conversations he admitted he thought he was better than Brian.”

Considering the connection, that is high praise from Andy Reid. If anyone knows how to utilize a Brian Westbrook-type of player, it is Andy Reid. Also, did we forget that the Chiefs JUST won the Super Bowl with an already prolific offense? Adding Clyde Edwards-Helaire to Andy Reid’s offense only makes them more dangerous.

I was worried about the Chiefs defense last year and that proved to be foolish if they can just outscore any team that they play. The hopes are high for Clyde Edwards-Helaire, luckily for him, the Chiefs can succeed without him as they just proved. There shouldn’t be a lot of pressure on him to produce right away, but if he does, the better it is for the Chiefs. Should we just claim them the Super Bowl favorites already? Sigh, as a Las Vegas Raiders fan, you hate to see your division rivals only get better after winning the Super Bowl.