2017 NFL Draft
Myles Garrett has been a hit since the Cleveland Browns drafted him with the first overall pick a year ago. (Brandon Wade/The Associated Press)

Is it possible for the Cleveland Browns to screw up the 2018 NFL Draft? Anything is possible when it comes to the ultimate dumpster fire franchise. Knowing Cleveland they will take the wrong quarterback regardless of who they pick. This is a franchise that passed on Carson Wentz and Deshaun Watson in consecutive years. Holding the first pick in the draft, Cleveland holds the cards. What can we expect from the Cleveland Browns during the 2018 NFL Draft?

Which quarterback will the Browns take? It looks like it’s down to Josh Allen or Sam Darnold. Allen is the guy with the high ceiling but super low floor. Darnold is the guy who looks like a can’t miss guy; at least in my eyes. Maybe the Browns pull a shocker and take Baker Mayfield. We really don’t know for sure. Knowing John Dorsey’s background, he loves the big arm. He opted for Pat Mahomes with the Chiefs a year ago. Allen fits that mold as a total wild card but has physical tools that you will fall in love with.

With the fourth pick, Cleveland just has to take the best available player. I have no problem if that’s Saquon Barkley give the number of picks that they have. Having that extra first-round pick gives the Browns the flexibility to “reach” for a running back with a top-five pick. I’m not as high on Barkley as others but some seem to think he is a can’t miss guy. The good news is Cleveland’s offensive line isn’t as bad as you would think. Barkley excels at hitting the home run and needs a good line in front of him.

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Give Cleveland a left tackle to replace Joe Thomas and get this thing rolling. Well… they still need to fire Hue Jackson but besides that, this roster isn’t that bad. Finding the right quarterback and bringing in more help to a 0-16 team is all they have to do.