Chase Young
Chase Young 2020 NFL Draft Profile. Anything short of a multi year Pro Bowl career and I’ll be VERY disappointed. Young is as good as it gets. (Rick Scuteri/Associated Press)

The best overall player in the 2020 NFL Draft might very well be Chase Young. The Ohio State pass rusher was the best player in college football or at least the scariest this past season in college football. We know that it’s only a matter of time before the Washington Redskins select him with the number two overall pick, but what does Young actually bring to the table? Let’s break down his 2020 NFL Draft Profile.

That’s right. Chase Young had 16.5 sacks this past year for Ohio State. You comes now in a long line of Ohio State pass rushers following the Bosa brothers. Young has a chance to be better than both as scary as that sounds. However, Young doesn’t exactly win the exact same way. You can see from the footage, the Buckeyes pass rusher wins mostly with pure athleticism instead of hand technique. The Bosa brothers are the opposite except Nick is far more athletic than Joey.

At the end of the day, it won’t matter. Joe Klatt put it best during a broadcast for one of his games. This is the Barry Bonds of college football. Most of the time teams just intentionally walk him with double and triple teams. Then there’s that one pitch to hit here and there. Young always knocks it out of the park. It’s unbelievable how talented this dude is. They call him the predator for a reason.

Young didn’t just have 16.5 sacks in 12 games. He also had six forced fumbles. The thing to point out with Young is that he won’t just pick up sack production. This man finds the football better than most. We’re not talking about sack production. We’re talking about shifting entire protections towards his side of the field and knowing that if he gets home, there’s a good chance it’s going to result in a turnover. We’re talking about someone who can change outcomes of games by himself.

We’re talking about a rare physical freak. Who cares if he’s not a pure technician. 6-foot-5, 265, 33 3/4 inch arms, and a muscle machine full of nastiness. This dude has every physical component to him. Quick first step, twitched up, powerful, and a heat seeking piss missile coming at you.

Anything short of a perennial Pro Bowl level player and I’ll be shocked. Chase Young is going to terrify opposing teams for the next decade plus. Much like Nick Bosa did for the 49ers, Young has a chance to change the perception of the Redskins defense over night.