Philip Rivers
Is there a chance Philip Rivers succeeds with the Colts? Nobody is talking about Indianapolis right now. (Michael Conroy/AP)

Name a team that has a chance to be pretty good, but nobody is talking about them. That answer has to be the Indianapolis Colts. What if things go right for Indy? Furthermore, what if Philip Rivers succeeds with the Colts? Doesn’t that scenario exist in the range of outcomes?

Rivers, 38, looked like a guy on his last leg a year ago. Eli Manning has already retired from his draft class. Rivers posted a 23-20 TD-INT ratio in 2019. Not exactly the type of performance that gives you confidence with as Rivers heads into year 17.

It’s always difficult to project exactly how a player will perform in a new environment. Could we see a new and improved Rivers with the Colts? I think that’s possible. At a minimum, Frank Reich is a massive upgrade over running back coach Anthony Lynn.

The most significant point that no one is talking about, the difference in the two teams’ offensive lines. The Chargers offensive line last year was a turnstile. Rivers has always been the quarterback that tries to make things happen. He won’t just take what the defense gives you. Combine Rivers’ tendencies with a bad offensive line, and you got what happened in 2019.

The Chargers offensive line is comical, with Sam Tevi projected as the starting left tackle. I can bench more than him, and that’s not a joke. I can bench more than their backup left tackle too and I’m just a washed-up former wrestler turned blogger. Things are much, much different in Indy.

The Colts offensive line is as good as it gets. Anthony Castonzo is a stalwart left tackle, Quenton Nelson is a beast. Everybody on that line, except for Mark Glowinski, is regarded as suitable for their position. Given the fact that Rivers isn’t the fleet of foot anymore, having a strong offensive line is imperative.

The weapons are still in place here too. Jonathan Taylor and Marlon Mack should provide a good run game. TY Hilton is a quality receiver when healthy. Jack Doyle and second-round pick Michael Pittman should do their part.

I don’t know if Rivers has anything left. I would lean strongly towards no. However, there’s a chance this puppy works. It’s not like the AFC South features a bunch of world-beaters. Jacksonville is tanking, Houston is unintentionally tanking, and Tennessee is lead by Ryan Tannehill. Why not Indianapolis?