CFL Strategies

CFL Strategies That Sound Crazy But Actually Work

The Canadian Football League is very different from the NFL, that’s not a surprise. With so many differences, it only makes sense that strategy is also very different. Today we’re looking at some CFL strategies that sound like absolute insanity but actually work.

Kicking Through The End Zone:

This is more of a personal experience. Since the goalposts in the CFL, and as a result, all football fields in Canada, kicking a ball straight through the end zone is a strategy when an angle just isn’t working well. Trying to kick a ball from the one-yard line when the goalposts are at the goal line just isn’t very easy to do. So, then the plan goes to kicking the ball straight through the end zone to secure the single-point rouge.

Two Quarterback Systems

This is something that might sound crazy at first, but trust me it works and makes sense. Since there are only three downs in Canadian football, teams tend to “go for it” on third down quite a bit. There are multiple situations where teams will carry a quarterback for goalline and running packages to pick up third and shorts. The quarterback sneak is a play that is incredibly important in the CFL. Having someone who can effectively run it and gain big-time yardage can make or break a team. In the 2019 season, the Toronto Argonauts would use McLeod Bethel-Thompson as their “traditional” quarterback in situations that didn’t call for many designed quarterback runs. They would then sub in James Franklin to run quarterback sneaks and short-yardage plays.

Although the NFL and CFL both play the same sport, CFL strategies are so much different than strategies in the NFL it’s amazing. The two games are so different but so similar at the same time.

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