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Catchers – Top 10 Best At The Position In MLB- 2021

Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Catchers- Best At The Position In The MLB- 2021

As we draw even closer to the start of the MLB Season, we asked our writers to rank the top 20 catchers in the league. We then dropped that list to the top 10.

Here is the top catchers heading in to 2021 MLB Season:

10- Buster Posey- San Francisco Giants

Whether you believe Posey belongs on this list or not. He has been one of the best catchers in the 2000s. If Posey’s knees can stay healthy, I would expect him to play most of the season at catcher.

“It wasn’t too long ago that Buster Posey was the best catcher in Baseball, three years later, who knew Posey would have opted out of a season due to a global pandemic. This gives me even more thinking while he’ll be in the top 10 this season. He’s had a year to rest his body.” – Dacota

“Buster Posey shouldn’t make the list. Guy opted out and the last time we saw him he was a shell of himself.”-Trey

9- Christian Vazquez- Boston Red Sox

Vazquez numbers really aren’t that great. In 6 years, he’s averaging a .259/.309/.392 slash line with 13 doubles, 6 home runs, and 29 RBIs. Vazquez does still have a lot of untapped potential at the age of 30.

“Christian Vazquez should be no lower than 5th on the list. 9th is just a slap in the face. Vazquez is arguably the best defensive catcher in the sport. His offensive game has taken a huge leap which makes him a unicorn in the game. Vazquez hit 23 homers in 2019 and posted a 2020 batting line of .283/.344/.457 with an OPS of over .800. What are we doing here?”- Trey, Owner of Vendetta

In his defense, Trey is a big Red Sox fan.

8- James McCann- New York Mets

An All-Star in 2019, McCann has been consistently getting better year after year. Last year McCann hit .289/.360/.536

Though in 2021, McCann will be joining a revamped Mets team.

“I just hope McCann doesn’t get the Mets curse and suck as soon as he comes to flushing.”-Adam Krieger

7- Austin Nola- San Diego Padres

Austin Nola broke into the big leagues two years ago for the Seattle Mariners. Last season, he was hitting over .300 with the Mariners and was traded to the Padres for a haul of prospects.

AJ Preller was not smart with the Nola trade.

“As much as I respect the San Diego Padres, Nola does not belong on this list. He is a career minor leaguer who had a few good months with the Seattle Mariners. Once he was traded to the Padres, Nola went on a huge slump.”- Dacota

6- Travis d’Arnaud- Atlanta Braves

Arguably, one of the best catchers during 2020. Travis d’Arnaud hit .321, with 9 home runs and 8 doubles, as well as 34 RBI’s on the year. He could be on a rise, or he could fizzle back down to his not-so-great numbers of a career .253 batting average.

He did win a NL Sliver Slugger award.

5- Will Smith- Los Angeles Dodgers

At the ripe age of 24, Smith burst onto the scene for the Dodgers two years ago. But, 2020 happened to be an even better year for the young backstop.

He hit .289/.401/.579 with 8 home runs and 9 doubles during the regular season.

Although his numbers did drop in the post-season, Smith helped his team win the World Series.

4- Salvador Perez- Kansas City Royals

After the 2019 season, it seemed as though Perez was falling off the list. But, he re-established himself this last year. He has established himself as one of the best catchers in baseball, mainly due to his defense.

Which Perez will we see in 2021?

3- Yasmani Grandal- Chicago White Sox

Grandal has always had acceptable offense. His career numbers on that side are definitely not top 3 worthy, but his defense makes up for it.

“I don’t get the love for Grandal. The guy never hits. I mean ever. I don’t hate him cause his defense is there but he’s not worth the money he gets.” – Trey

2- Willson Contreras- Chicago Cubs

The two time All-Star definitely deserves this ranking. Contreras has established himself as the one of the best in the league since 2016.

His numbers dipped a bit this last year, but I would expect 2021 to be a better year for him.

1- JT Realmuto- Philadelphia Phillies

Is there any question or debate here? Whether you like him or not, you have to agree that Realmuto is the best backstop in the league both offensively and defensively.

The 5-year, $115.5 million contract in the offseason confirmed what we already knew – JT Realmuto is the BCIB (best catcher in baseball). Now he’s being paid like it, too. Realmuto isn’t the offensive force like the guys who top most other positions, but his consistency at the plate is admired; he’s been good for 20-25 home runs and about a .270 batting average and .830 OPS the last three seasons. In the field, he’s one of the best at calling a game, and trying to steal on him is basically a guaranteed out. “I was hoping for him to come back,” said Zack Wheeler, who delivered a stellar 2.92 ERA (8th in the NL, lowest of his career) in 2020, his first year throwing to Realmuto, “He’s the best catcher in the game.”

Do you agree with our writers? Do you agree with this list?





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