Carson Wentz Pat McAfee
Carson Wentz confronted Pat McAfee on his show for calling broken. Is Wentz ready to prove the doubters wrong with the Colts? (Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor)

Carson Wentz Confronts Pat McAfee For Calling Him Broken

Carson Wentz was finally introduced as the Indianapolis Colts quarterback so he’s been making the rounds with the media. Today, Wentz came on the Pat McAfee Show. Of course, McAfee is the former Colts punter so he has a rooting interest in Wentz.

Pat McAfee has been a huge antagonist of Carson Wentz in the past. He’s called Wentz “broken” in the past and also made it clear he didn’t want to Colts to acquire him. Wentz didn’t flinch today. He made sure to remind him of it.

I’m so excited to watch Wentz ball it out in Indy. Just from watching a few clips, Wentz looks happy and refreshed. The Colts are going to be a great environment. He’s upgraded virtually everything around him. If you haven’t watched the interview, I would recommend it. I thought Wentz was well spoken and came across well.

If you’re not on the Wentz wagon, you better hop on now before it’s too late. He’s hungry and ready to prove the Eagles were the disaster, not him. Wentz came across rejuvenated and is ready to get to work. I also love the part that he just wanted to get away to hunt and fish. Wentz is refreshed which is good news for Colts’ fans.

I never like to give this man credit but Colin Cowherd may have had his best rant of all-time when it came to Wentz.

Nobody fails or succeeds on their own. It’s completely elementary and embarrassing to think Wentz can’t play based on this year. Everybody needs help in some form or fashion. The people on this site have a lot to do with its success. I can’t do it alone either.

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