Terrace Marshall
NFL Teams can be just as petty as you and me. Get a phone call that your rival wants a player in the draft? WE’RE PICKING HIM! This was the case for the Panthers and picking Terrace Marshall (Chris Parent / LSU Athletics)

Carolina Panthers Screw Over Rival Saints By Picking Terrace Marshall

Division rivals are supposed to despise each other and try to get the upper hand (fairly, of course). So when the Carolina Panthers had the chance to screw over the Saints, you can bet your life that they’d do it in a heartbeat. During the 2021 NFL Draft, the Panthers quickly shifted gears in the second round after receiving a call that the Saints wanted to select Terrace Marshall with the following pick. NFL front offices being petty just to screw over their rival? Sign me up for that!

At pick 59, the Panthers had two players that they liked. One was BYU offensive tackle Brady Christensen, and the other was Terrace Marshall. The Panthers were reportedly leaning towards the offensive tackle, and then the phone call came.

Christensen was probably going to be the guy at 59…then someone got a call that the Saints were about to take Marshall 60th overall, and then the Panthers shifted gears, taking Marshall in the 59th spot instead.

– Darin Gantt of Panthers.com on the situation at pick 59

Now the Panthers eventually got both Marshall and Christensen, they traded up with the Eagles to select the offensive tackle that protected Zach Wilson during his rise to the top of draft boards. Who called the Panthers and provided them the information to screw over Sean Peyton? I have no idea. Some type of leak out of spite? Possibly. No one knows and I don’t think anyone will ever know except the Panthers. However, the call needed to come from someone important, trustworthy, or both because the Panthers changed their plans based on this phone call. I don’t know how the Saints could possibly let this type of information out, especially when a team that has every reason to try and screw them over is currently on the clock.

The moral of the story here is that NFL teams can be as petty as they want and change their plans just to screw over a rival. Remember people, loose lips sink ships.

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