Call of Duty Sucks
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Call of Duty Sucks Right Now. How do They Fix it?

Call of Duty sucks to play right now, it sucks to watch people play right now and it all has to do with one simple reason.

Yeah, I am sitting here writing and venting about a video game, but for some people, it is a livelihood, and for others like myself it is entertainment. Like I said in my introduction I spend a decent amount of my free time watching Twitch streamers like NickMercs, TimTheTatman, Scump, and others who play this game for 60,000 plus people.

As far as entertainment purposes, battle royale’s are king for viewers and drawing an audience. I first saw this phenomenon come to common culture with Fortnite, it drew millions and millions of viewers on Twitch.

Call of Duty, the most popular shooter title from the last decade decided to dip their toe in this game. They released Call of Duty: Warzone a free to play game that can be downloaded on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

The problem with a free to play game is people find a way to cheat, and usually game developers buy and implement some sort of anti cheat to keep the BS out of the game.

Call of Duty for some reason has not decided to use such a software or program, so players continue to cheat. Whether it is aim hacking or wall hacking there is no real way to tell if you die to someone who is playing the game the right way.

“Even if he is not aim hacking he is probably fucking wall hacking… I always lean on the side of cheating with how many fucking cheaters there are in this game”

NickMercs on Twitch stream 2/1/21

Nick is not the only person who voiced his issues with the cheaters in this game. Vikkstar, one of the biggest Call of Duty content creators, recently announced he is stepping away from Warzone due to the rampant cheating.

Tournaments have been ruined because cheaters get in the lobby, and people are just flat out sick of it and I do not blame them. Shit I even die to cheater now and then and I suck at the game so I shouldn’t even be placed in the same game.

TL//DR: Call of Duty sucks right now and it all has to do with the games inability to spend some money on a solid anti-cheat.