Call Me If You Get Lost
Sam Rock


Everyone’s favorite flower boy, Tyler the Creator is back with his newly announced album Call Me If You Get Lost. The grammy awarded artist previously released his album, Igor, with features from Lil Uzi Vert, Cee Lo Green, and many more. Set to be released on June 25th, Tyler has started the rollout of his next album. With the release of Lumberjack and Side Street, this is a prediction of what we should expect from this highly anticipated album.

In my opinion, Tyler the Creator is a bit of an oddball when it comes to choosing features. I think this can be portrayed with Lil Uzi Vert on Igor. On the other hand, Tyler is extremely versatile in production and curation, so anything that may seem out of the ordinary might be perfectly calculated within his mind. With the release of Cherry Bomb, Scum Fuck Flower Boy, and Igor, we have seen a transition within his overall sound. With Cherry bomb, we get more aggressive instrumentals and lyrics, yet we hear the beginning of his transition in sound. Flower Boy portrays a more mellow, soulful vibe, with some heavy hits. Finally, Igor continues the momentum of Flower boy, but with an overall plot and theme. With all this being said, what should his audience expect from Call Me If You Get Lost?


In terms of production, like Igor, the album cover states that Tyler produced this entire album by himself. I think this album is going to have many soulful and heavy-hitting tracks. I think he might experiment with other genres that he might not have had the capabilities to expand to. I think there will be many samples, as Tyler is very versatile in different music genres. I think of Tyler as the least stagnant musician of this era, which makes his music feel more like art than music. I expect this album to be anywhere between 12-18 tracks and featuring some of the best musicians in the music industry.


Since the release of Igor, there have been many new artists introduced to the music industry. Will we hear from newer artists, or from people that Tyler had known from his previous collective Odd Future? I think we may hear a mix of both. With the release of Side Street and Lumberjack, we could somewhat get a feel of the direction Tyler will take with this album.


Syd has been with Odd Future since the beginning. I would like to hear her on this album. Her vocals really fit the mold of where Tyler is as an artist at the moment. I could see her as one of the main features, or even for background vocals. I think her vocals are mellow, but not necessarily soft. I definitely would like to hear a throwback track from the likes of previous Odd Future members.


Asap Rocky has been a long-time friend of Tyler. Starting off as animosity, the two resolved their issues and showed the world what they were capable of. Their friendship is the definition of opposites attract. They have both said that they push each other to the limit when it comes to rap. With Tyler’s quirky lyricism and Rocky’s experimental, yet heavy lyricism, the two are capable of making anything happen.


Tyler the Creator has mentioned his interest in collaborating with Billie Eilish. Will we hear new sounds from the two? I think it’s highly plausible. With Billie’s soft, innocent, childlike vocals, and Tyler’s raspy, deep voice, I think he could somehow make something happen. I think this collaboration would be one of the highlights of the overall album. This would also be the most anticipated in my opinion.


I would like to see Earl and Tyler collaborate on a track. It seems as if artistically, they both cross paths at one point, but as they both started to mature in their career, Tyler went to a more soulful direction, while Earl went into a darker, lofi sound. Like Asap Rocky, I think the versatility in their sound would be another situation of opposites attract. Both of them are very versatile, but I feel like if they didn’t collaborate already, the chances may be unlikely.

Overall, I think this album will perform just as well as Igor, maybe even better. It is possible that he has no features, but I don’t think that is likely. At this point, I have absolutely no clue what this album will sound like. Again, Tyler is not a stagnant artist. While this may bring new sounds, this should also be appreciated because many artists will stay where they know they will perform best.


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