brandon marshall
(Julio Cortez/AP Photo)

The speculation has been that Marshall could potential follow new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman to Baltimore. While he does have three years remaining on his contract, Marshall’s welcome could be growing thin. An anonymous teammate recently stated

He’s selfish. He’s a distraction. He’s an “exhaustive presence,” one Bears teammate told the Chicago Sun-Times.

Whether Torrey Smith departs during free agency or not, Marshall could be a nice fit for the offense. With Steve Smith roaming the slot, Joe Flacco would be a happy man if this pipe dream came true. The character concerns are there but no one handles personality’s better than John Harbaugh. The two recently had a conversation during Superbowl media week.

“(During Super Bowl Week) I actually interviewed him,” Marshall said on Inside The NFL, via the Ravens‘ official website. “I said, ‘If I played for you, would you let me do Inside the NFL?’

“He said, ‘Oh, absolutely.’ He knew I was taking a lot of heat for doing the show. But, when you are the first in the space to do something like this, you are going to get a lot of push-back and we (the Bears) had the worst year possible.”

This may or may not happen but it is something to monitor. With a new front office the Bears could always decide to move in another direction.