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Brad Stevens

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Brad Stevens Has Proven He’s Incompetent

Brad Stevens
Brad Stevens has proven he’s incompetent and it’s time everyone acknowledges he botched the offseason. It’s undeniable. Trey was right. (Elsa/Getty Images)

Brad Stevens Has Proven He’s Incompetent

It’s total BS that I had to listen to people praise the Celtics offseason when I knew the truth the whole time. I would run laps around Brad Stevens and now that we’re a few months into the 2022-23 NBA Season, the rest of the public is learning the truth. Brad Stevens doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing and you idiots ran the smart guy (Danny Ainge) out of town.

The Celtics have the best record in the NBA (27-12) but it has everything to do with the core that Ainge built. He deserves all the credit in the world for drafting Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown when conventional wisdom disagreed with him both times. Ainge could have just turned the card in for Markelle Fultz and Kris Dunn. That’s who the experts had Boston taking in those draft classes.

Add in Robert / Grant Williams, Payton Pritchard, and Marcus Smart. Congrats. You have listed off every important member of the Celtics minus Derrick White. The White trade is working out but it’s been the same old story with Stevens. He’s not the negotiator that Ainge was. The Celtics were the only team at the deadline to give up a future pick swap. Something that didn’t need to happen.

Oh, and Ainge signed Al Horford the first time around. Stevens decided to part with a nice young asset in Alperen Şengün to get dog years Horford back. It wasn’t a terrible trade but the more time goes on, you realize how much Şengün could really help this team. Imagine the front court with him and Timelord? A man can dream.

Brad Stevens had the opportunity of a lifetime. He walked into a perfect situation and botched it. You’re a moron if you’re not calling him out today. The 2022 NBA offseason was an unmitigated disaster and no one is talking about it.

Here is a quick rundown of everything Stevens got wrong this offseason.

  • Tried to trade Jaylen Brown and Derrick White + more for Durant
  • Used his entire mid level exception on Danilo Gallinari while giving him a player option and allowed him to play for Italy during the Summer never getting a minute of his playing time.
  • Gave up a first round pick – A good young player in Aaron Nesmith for Malcolm Brogdon who’s aging in dog years. Instead could have closed the deal on Huerter.

Don’t worry, I’ve had this on lock from the beginning. Brogdon hasn’t been a terrible addition but his defense has been overstated, you can see the wear and tear catching up, and Payton Pritchard isn’t getting the minutes he needs. Kevin Huerter was always the answer and you’re seeing what he’s really capable of helping lift the Kings to a playoff birth.

He also canned his head coach that helped take his team to the Finals and didn’t tell the players why. Stevens is not a leader. This man is a coward that doesn’t have a single clue how to run a basketball team.

The Celtics didn’t get better. They still are missing that off the bench scoring that can hit a big shot from deep. Something Huerter could have given this team. Stevens went all in on two injury prone guys and it’s backfired. The Celtics can sit there with a smile on their face but all those good times happening right now are because of Ainge. If the Celtics come up short, it will be because the great giant idiot running the show now doesn’t have a clue. Shame on any of you for praising Stevens. It’s BS I ever had to listen to it and it’s clear now that I was correct this whole time.


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