The Elder Scrolls 6

Did Bethesda reveal to the world the location of The Elder Scrolls 6? Many have been waiting for even the slightest detail of where the next game would take place. In a tweet from the beginning of the year, Bethesda may have given fans a slight tease as to what is to come.

The Breakdown

There’s a lot to unpack in this single tweet. First, let’s talk about the candle on the book next to some coins. Those coins are from a collector’s edition of The Elder Scrolls Online, Bethesda’s MMO set in the Elder Scrolls universe. The main story takes place well before any games in the main series, so could this be us transcribing the past?

The second candle is on a map of Skyrim, the location of The Elder Scrolls 5. This could also be concerning the line about the past. Skyrim brought many new fans into the fold of the series, and is probably one of the most important games that Bethesda has ever put out, just from the scope of new players.

The third and final candle rests on an unrevealed portion of the map. If you look closely just above the candle, the word “Hammerfell” is clearly visible. If you have ever played ESO or The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall, then Hammerfell is a familiar place. Even though the series has been to this province once already in the main line of games, is Bethesda hinting at a return?

The Trailer

There is some evidence from the announcement trailer that hinted at a return to the Hammerfell region of Tamriel. The landscape looking off to the coast looks geographically similar to a portion of Hammerfell near the Iliac Bay. In Daggerfall, players traveled around the Iliac Bay to the provinces of Hammerfell and High Rock. Could both possibly be visitable locations in The Elder Scrolls 6?

The Elder Scrolls 6
Map of Iliac Bay from The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall

Not only is the location been revealed, but the potential story in which the playable character may be known as well. For the sake of keeping this article a little clean, I will save that for another post. Just know that before and during the events of Skyrim, a lot was happening in this portion of the world.

The Elder Scrolls 6 is still a long ways off. Bethesda is still yet to announce anything about their brand new IP Starfield, and Bethesda director Todd Howard has previously stated that ES6 would come after Starfield. Perhaps Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda can speed up the process a little? I doubt it. Bethesda needs to take their time with this game. As much as I want my hands on it, I’d prefer them to not Cyberpunk it up.