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Ben Simmons
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Is Ben Simmons Right-Handed? JJ Redick Thinks So

Ben Simmons
Is Ben Simmons actually shooting with the wrong hand? JJ Redick is adamant that Simmons is a right-handed person who shoots lefty. (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Is Ben Simmons Right-Handed? JJ Redick Thinks So

Ben Simmons can’t shoot. OR… maybe he can. He’s just been using the wrong hand. That topic of conversation has been an underground thought among NBA circles.

Recently, JJ Redick made another appearance on Barstool’s Pardon My Take show. PFT Commentor asked Redick if he believes Ben Simmons is actually right-handed but insists on using his left instead. Redick believes that is exactly the case.

That’s the part of the James Harden trade that isn’t being talked about. Is Brooklyn even getting a good asset here? Does Simmons like basketball? Will he ever be able to shoot? Will he continue to use his wrong hand forever? All questions we don’t have the answer to. For some reason, Brooklyn decided that was enough for James Harden. Don’t get it. Never will on this one.

How does a guy who can’t shoot, the worse Curry brother, and two bad first round picks net you James Harden? Okay, I’ll stop now.

I’m not sure if Kevin O’Connor at The Ringer was the first one to come up with this idea. He, however, deserves credit for hammering this point home over and over again. This is something that dates back to forever and was even brought up pre-draft. Maybe we should have made a bigger deal out of this?

Simmons, 25, is a career 59.7 percent free throw shooter. Just not good enough for someone with his talent level. With the guard ability that Simmons has, there is no reason that he shouldn’t be able to hit mid-range jumpers at this stage of his career. If LeBron could learn how to shoot, then Simmons should be able to too.

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