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Vince McMahon | Credit: WWE

Barstool Sports’ Brandon Walker endorses AEW in seeming shot at Saudi Arabia buying WWE

Barstool Sports’ Brandon Walker has fired shots at the reports of The Public Investment Fund of Saudia Arabia buying WWE, so it would seem.

Reports have emerged left, right and centre that The Kingsom of Saudi Arabia have agreed a deal to buy WWE.

The news comes after Vince McMahon returned to the board, Stephanie McMahon left her position as Co-CEO of WWE and Vince was “unanimously elected” as Executive Chairman. Barstool’s Brandon Walker appeared to make light of the whole situation, which has many concerned considering the nature of the deal. He took to Twitter to endorse AEW, which in itself is harmless but the timing cannot be ignored.

Vince McMahon retired last year after it emerged he had committed Sexual Assault & paid hush-money to victims in exchange for silence. Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan assumed control of the company as Co-CEOs as well as Triple H serving as Chief Content Officer.

Stephanie announced her departure from WWE earlier. Nick Khan has transitioned to CEO and Triple H, for the time being, remains in his role.

The deal has called into question what the future may hold for WWE and its talent. Sami Zayn, for example, protested the original agreement between WWE and KSA. There are also concerns over the LGBTQIA+ members of the WWE roster.

The Barstool Rasslin’ host backs Tony Khan to take advantage

Walker further disputed the suggestion that AEW President Tony Khan would fail to capitalize on the ill-will towards the WWE-Saudi deal. TK has often come under fire lately for several booking and backstage issues and TV ratings have slumped.

Brandon Walker used to host Barstool Rasslin’ which has just been cancelled. He has interviewed the likes of AEW World Champion MJF during his time with Barstool Sports’ Wrestling division.

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